Bi-Directional and In-Line Flow Accumulation Tables

CHSC accumulation tables and systems are custom designed and fabricated to customer layouts and specifications. Rugged construction to hold the loads they are designed for.

Bi-Directional Accumulation Tables
Manufactured in stainless and painted carbon steel construction. Formed steel construction with plastic wear strips and roller return ways. Tables use a center drive system for a positive drive under full loads. Accumulation tables are modular in design so a minimum amount of sections can be easily reassembled. End idler take-up assemblies allow the plastic chain to be easily installed. Tables can be designed to use DTS chain on the control conveyor to eliminate any dead plate.

In-Line Flow Through Accumulation Tables
Manufactured in stainless and painted carbon steel construction, these tables can be used where accumulation needs to fit into a layout parallel to the container flow. Fabricated with the same specifications as conveyors, components such as decelerating modules can be used at the infeed and single filers at the discharge. In-line flow through tables can also be used in mass conveyor systems. In-line flow through tables are designed with multiple chains to control the line pressure at the discharge.

The same optional equipment available for conveyor systems is also available for accumulation tables. Tables can be pre-wired to individual control panels as well.

Bi-directional accumulation table brochure