Full Can Water Washing Equipment

The CHSC two stage full can washer is an ideal method of washing containers after they are filled to minimize contaminates entering process systems.

The first stage washes off contaminates on sides as well as the top and bottom of containers by a series of high pressure spray nozzles. A reservoir is used to collect strained water as well as fresh water. The reservoir can also be used to add an optional detergent dispenser and a heating element for a maximum cleaning effect. A high pressure pump delivers the water to the first stage cleaning manifold.

The second stage is the rinsing section. Fresh water is delivered to the spray nozzles in an enclosed section of the hood to separate the two stages. Rinsed water is strained and drained into the reservoir.

The reservoir is equipped with a skimmer to separate fats from protein contaminates that have been washed off. Skimmed water is then drained out off the overflow.

CHSC also offers a high pressure can blow off with a self contained blower to dry off the containers after being washed.

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