Gravity Rinsing Equipment

Gravity can be used when there is ample elevation difference from an overhead conveyor to the filler infeed. Gravity rinsers are used for metal cans or similarly shaped non-metal containers. 

Containers are put into an inverted position with rod work twist fittings. After being rinsed, they are re-inverted to the correct orientation to the filler.

  • Water rinsers include a length of track for water to drain out of the container after rinsing.
  • Ionized air rinsers re-invert the container immediately after rinsing.

Water Rinsers utilize water spray nozzles which are attached to a common manifold to direct water to the inside of the container.

Ionized Air Rinsers utilize a series of air nozzles which spray ionized air into the container to neutralize static electricity that may be holding any foreign debris to the inside of the container. A second set of air nozzles spray filtered air into the container to blow out any foreign debris. A remote vacuum system removes debris from the rinser hood and is collected into a canister.

Gravity can rinser brochure