Rinsers, Elevator/Lowerators and other Equipment

Gravity Rinsing Equipment

Gravity can be used when there is ample elevation difference from an overhead conveyor to the filler infeed.
Gravity Rinsing Equipment

Side Grip Lowerator Rinsers

Lowerator rinsers are used for irregular and non-round containers. Containers from an overhead conveyor to the filler infeed are lowered and inverted with 180º.
Side grip Lowerator Rinsers

Full Can Water Washing Equipment

Two stage full can washer is an ideal method of washing containers after they are filled to minimize contaminates entering process systems.
Full Can Water Washing Equipment

Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

For plastic and non-round containers
Side Grip Elevators Lowerators

Vacuum Elevators/Lowerators

For aluminum cans, available in single lane or mass conveying

Magnetic Elevators/Lowerators

For empty and filled steel cans
Magnetic Elevators Lowerators

Belt Elevators/Lowerators

For slow speed empty can conveying

Spiral Mass Conveyor

A space saving conveyor to elevate or lower containers while being conveyed in a mass condition.
Spiral mass conveyor

Servo Laners

The CHSC Lane Divider is a servo controlled divider that will take one lane of product and discharge the product into multiple lanes.
Servo laner