Semi-Automatic Pallet Unloader

The Model 110 semi-automatic pallet unloader is a rugged, competitively priced system, designed for slower speed lines.

The Model No. 110 Pallet Unloader is designed for the customer with a slower production line or limited production runs. The machine has a semi-automatic operation that will sweep a layer forward, have the sweep bar return to the back position and raise the pallet to the next layer with one push of the button. The operator will remove the separator sheet manually. The rugged design and durable construction of this machine is ideal for a beer crafters bottling line. With options available, this machine can fit into most production lines no matter the product.

There are optional layouts available to allow this machine to fit into most layouts. Narrow or wide way entry’s as well as rear or side entrys are availabl

  • Heavy duty hydraulic scissors lift to raise the pallet loads, with a pump and accessories placed in a metal pan. 
  • Designed to handle standard 44” x 56” container pallets, 55” high maximum loads (other size pallets can be used, but not interchangeable for multiple sizes).
  • Hoist bin has manual doors on infeed side with closed door confirmation sensor.
  • Separator sheet pneumatic grippers automatically activated for each sweep.
  • Easy access hoist bin clean-out
  • Accumulation table that can accommodate 1½ to 2 layers of containers (optional lengths available).
  • A non-pressure style single filer is integrated into the accumulation table (other types of single filers are available dependent on the application).
  • Operators platform along the length of the machine.
  • Allen Bradley Model No. 1400 processor.
  • Allen Bradley Model No. 525 VFD conveyor drives.
  • 7” color HMI touch screen operator control.
  • Adjustable auto height control for multiple size containers.

Semi-automatic pallet unloader brochure