Container Handling Conveyors

Table and Mat Top Chain Conveyor Systems

CHSC offers a wide variety of table top chain conveyors and mat conveyor systems. All conveyor equipment is custom built to specific layouts and customer specifications. Conveyor equipment is fabricated, assembled and fitted to assure a quality installation.

Air Deck Conveyor

Ideal for empty aluminum beverage cans, oblong plastic containers, plastic lids, small boxes and various other containers. CHSC air deck allows containers to travel on a layer of air by lifting the containers with a designed pattern of small lifting holes.

“Zone Touch” Zero Pressure Table Top Conveyor

The Zone Touch™ case conveyor system is designed to handle cases safely without the use of rollers. This system offers more up-time than conventional roller and fabric belt systems by using table top chain throughout the system.

Cable Conveyor Systems

Cable conveyor systems are ideal for conveying metal cans, composite cans and empty plastic containers. An economical method of conveying while offering performance and efficiency.

Pressureless Single Filer

Pressureless single filers have become the most effective method to single file empty and filled containers. Round plastic and metal containers at speeds up to 1200 BPM and the ability to single file irregular and non-round containers as well.

Bi-Directional and In-Line Flow Accumulation Tables

CHSC accumulation tables and systems are custom designed and fabricated to customer layouts and specifications. Rugged construction to hold the loads they are designed for.